(Begrüßung auf Deutsch unter Willkommen)

The Whispering Gallery opens its doors on the 21st day of every month! From 8pm on we provide an open house and open stage for everybody who wants to join us. The gallery has several rooms that you can explore – we meet on zoom in a main session as well as break out sessions. ‚On stage‘ you can experience what the participants present: you have the opportunity to share something you have created, a work in progress, an idea of yours or you can experiment with new formats.

You can also just come along to meet (new) people and enjoy an evening at the gallery.

If you would like to present something, you can either share your screen or invite us to another tool. Could we please ask all presenters to contact us until the 18th of each month at welcome@whispering.gallery so we can plan a wonderful evening for all of us. We are looking forward to enjoying some music, talks, pictures, ideas, small workshops and activities. Please contact us in case you have any questions!

We meet online on Zoom and Miro (a virtual white board) – and send out out the links and codes a couple of days before the gallery night. In order to receive them and never miss a Whispering Gallery in the future, please share your email address with us (welcome@whispering.gallery).

Why Whispering Gallery?

For a long time, people have discovered that sound might travel along walls and even whispers can be heard at faraway places. Later this was included in architecture, the most famous example is the whispering gallery in London’s St Paul’s. To pick up the idea: Anyone at our Whispering Gallery is free to try out something new and who knows where it will travel and by whom it will be heard and what new might spark from this.

Also, the Whispering Gallery refers to an art gallery – which is one focus of the idea. With museums and galleries closed we want to open a space to let you show your art but also to try out new forms of presentation. Your audience might be coming up with ideas to solve special problems of presenting online or the transfer into virtual spaces.

Thirdly, this space will not be a loud and crowded party so whispering might be enough to be heard! If you bring very nice music you may also rock the house, but it is not necessary to show off to be seen. All those presenting will have time, space and an audience listening.

The Whispering Gallery takes place each month on the 21st at 20.00 hrs.
Please bring your own drinks and nibbles.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Meiken, Kerrin and Sandra